About Us

OXHIDE began in the 2018’s as a humble shoe online store in Allahabad to become a popular and much-loved footwear brand of the new millennia. The journey of more than 5 years has been more than just rewarding; it has given OXHIDE much of its business philosophy and consumer approach, all of which can still be traced to the hustle and bustle of the whole-sale market and the people who once crowded our store’s back-alley.

In fact, it is this connection with people at the most basic levels of manufacturing, selling and buying shoes that continues to drive OXHIDE success. Even as times change, the company remains as connected with its manufacturing and merchandizing partners as it was many years ago.

While this association benefits our continued growth, it is our customers who sustain our business. Thus, with the introduction of new trends in shopping in the early 2018 s, OXHIDE transformed itself into a retailing point of interest, opening exclusive outlets in quick succession to channel direct communication with customers and improve from real-time feedback.

Today, OXHIDE enjoys nationwide prominence with online shopping site in India and continue to deliver fashionable and comfortable shoes without a price tag that ever gets too high. “Affordable fashion for everyone” remains at the core of our business objective.

We work with expert craftspeople across India who meticulously embroider and embellish every piece by hand.